Turok 2

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Over 30 enemies: Each with unique strengths and weaknesses, make strategy and timing more crucial in battle.
Enemies have cone vision and sound sensitivity like real predators. You can sneak up on them if you are quiet . . . any noise, however, can trigger their fury.
Highly accurate collision detection allows players to target specific areas of an enemy's body, combined with real-time body impact physics makes enemies flinch realistically when hit.
Soft-Skin technology endows enemies with realistic attributes such as bulging muscles and wrinkling skin.
6 Quest Levels and 5 multi-player levels covering 30 virtual square miles.
Totally unique geometry and texture maps for each level -including the Lair of the Blind Ones, the Death Marshes, and the Port of Adia.
Advanced real-time lighting for hyper realistic atmospheric and surface effects, such as flickering firelight and shimmering water.
Up to 4 players battle each other in one of three deathmatch modes.
Having defeated the Campaigner in the original Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Turok attempts to destroy the Chronoceptor by throwing it INTO a volcano. In doing so, Turok unwittingly awakens an even more deadly foe--The Primagen--who lies imprisoned in a spacecraft buried at the core of the lost land. Turok must stop the Primagen FROM escaping his prison and breaking through the wall dividing the lost world FROM Earth!

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