Mega Man X Legacy Collection + Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2

  • Mega Man X Legacy Collection + Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2
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(Japanese & English Subs)

Set in the year 21XX, Mega Man X builds on the groundwork of the original Mega Man games while taking a slightly darker and more serious approach to storytelling in a future world filled with Reploids, human-like androids with independent thought and free will, and Mavericks, Reploids that have turned against society to cause harm and destruction. While retaining the unique abilities of his predecessor to claim the weapons of his defeated opponents, X has a number of new capabilities, including the ability to slide down or jump off of walls, and equip powerful new armor pieces to augment his abilities.


Eight action-packed adventures span X’s journey from a B-Class novice Maverick Hunter to an S-Class pro, with the addition of the cool and collected Zero and the hot-headed Axl as playable characters in later entries. The crisp, clean sprites of Mega Man X through X6 look great on modern TVs, with optional smoothing and CRT filters available to customize how each game looks. You can also play each game in its original resolution, switch to full screen while preserving the aspect ratio, or switch to widescreen mode. The 3D models of Mega Man X7 and X8haven’t been left out, with both games getting sharp, improved visuals for modern consoles.


ncluded with both collections is The Day of Σ, a video originally included with Maverick Hunter X that explores the origins of series antagonist Sigma and the rise of Mavericks while shedding additional light on the events leading up to Mega Man X. You’ll also be able to check out vintage trailers for every Mega man X game, a museum full of art, and view a variety of goodies including toys, trading cards, music collection packages, keychains, and plenty more featuring the cast of characters from the Mega Man X games over the years.

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