Nintendo LABO - Robot Kit

  • Nintendo LABO - Robot Kit
  • Model: Switch English Toy Con
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  • Weight 4.00kg
  • Rp.1,750,000
  • Rp.1,000,000

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Box contents :

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit software
Cardboard sheet x 19
Cardstock sheets x 4
Reflective sticker sheet x 1
Orange string x 2
Blue string x 2
Gray canvas straps (large) x 1
Gray canvas straps (medium) x 1
Gray canvas straps (small) x 2
Eyelet set (gray) x 10
Eyelet set (orange) x 2
Make, play, and discover with this cool robot suit!
Create a wearable Robot suit, and insert the Left and Right Joy-Con into the designated slots on the backpack and visor to assume control of the robot, which is shown on the TV when the Nintendo Switch console is docked. Enjoy a variety of fun game-play experiences, including Robot mode, in which you can destroy in-game buildings and UFOs.

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